Welcome to the Pack 24 Committee Page:

Our Vision:

We will offer a high quality program to all boys in kindergarten through 5th grade. Our sons will advance in rank each year, beginning with Lion and continuing through the Arrow of Light in 5th grade.

We will encourage our boys to continue the fun, adventure and development of Scouting by graduating into a Boy Scout Troop. We hope each of our Scouts will continue to advance in the Scouting program, not because of the badge of rank they will earn but because of what they will learn about themselves, their families, others, God and their country.

In addition, the Pack Committee includes a number of parents who rotate in and out during the year that help arrange outings, fund raising activities, camp-outs, Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold Banquet, etc.  The Pack is ALWAYS in need of volunteers to help with Den and Pack logistics.  Whatever assistance you can offer will be GRATEFULLY appreciated.

Our mission is to deliver to Wilton-area boys and their families the Cub Scout Program developed by the Boy Scouts of America. We will do our best to deliver the highest quality program possible.

The primary values we seek to instill are contained in the Tiger Cub Promise / Cub Scout Promise, the Tiger Cub Motto / Cub Scout Motto and the Law of the Pack.

Pack 24 Committee

Stephen Miller - Cubmaster

Stacey Wells - Chartered Organization Representative

Bert Rawert - Treasurer

Jacqueline Miller - Committee Chairperson